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Part #:TURPRSV4033091M

Part #:CUTE47YED7

Limit Switch, E47, Booted wobble, Screw Terminals, 10A at 250 Vac, 8A at 30 Vdc, 1-SPDT (Form C)
Part #:CUTE51CLT5

E51 Series, Limit Switch, Modular Inductive Proximity Sensor, Inductive Proximity, Top Sensing, Sensor distance 24 mm, Receptacle and Housing Die Cast Zinc, 1.0A max AC, L1, 120Vac input, 0.3% accuracy, None, Un-shielded
Part #:CUTE50DR1

Limit Switch Head, E50 Heavy Duty Plug In, Side rotary, standard spring return
Part #:CUTE50SA

Limit Switch Body, E50 Heavy Duty Plug In, 10A at 12 Vac, 1A at 125 Vdc, Single-pole, 1NO-1NC
Part #:CUTE50RA

Limit Switch Receptacle, E50 Heavy Duty Plug In, Gravity return, Screw Terminals, Rear or front mounting, Single-pole
Part #:CUTE50KL201

Limit Switch Operator, E50, Accessory, Adjustable roller, 0.32x0.33 in, 1.90 in-oz min. return, Used with side rotary, Nylatron
Part #:CUTE51SAL

Eaton Inductive Proximity Sensor, E51, Output ON (1 LED per output), 500 mA AC/DC solid state output, 2-wire AC, NO, 20-264 Vac/dc
Part #:CUT13104AS0333

Perfect Prox Photoelectric Sensor, Comet, Back Ground Suppression, Forward Viewing, Background suppression, Output ON, M12, 100 mA PNP, 250 mA NPN at 10-30 Vdc, 4 pin, NPN and PNP open collector, 10-30 Vdc
Part #:TURP-RSV51-1080-10.7M


Part #:CUTE51DS5

Inductive Proximity Sensor Head, E51, 0.94 in range, Side Sensing, Unshielded, Standard frequency

Part #:TURPRSV6649491M

Displaying: 1 - 19 of 19 Matching Items