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Part #:INMET8015C

00782750897545|0007827|00782750897545|78275089754|89754|ET8015C|INTERMAT ET8015C|Intermatic ET8015C|INTERMATIC INC ET8015C|Intermatick ET8015C|Intermatik ET8015C:
$ 621.20
Part #:INMEI600WC

00782751014186|0007827|00782751014186|78275101418|01418|E1600WC|EI600WC|INTERMAT E1600WC|INTERMAT EI600WC|Intermatic E1600WC|Intermatic EI600WC|INTERMATIC INC E1600WC|INTERMATIC INC EI600WC|Intermatick E1600WC|Intermatick EI600WC|Intermatik E1600WC|Intermatik EI600WC:
$ 173.40
Part #:INMEI600LAC

The DIGTL 7D ASTRO TIMER 20A 24-277V LTALM The EI600 features up to 40 ON/OFF programmed events per week and an automatic daylight saving time adjustment. It controls AC and DC up to 277V and has an astronomic feature which can be combined with specific ON/OFF programming. Convenient program capabilities are designed to suit any lighting schedule. All programs are securely stored in non-volatile memory and backed up by a CR2 lithium battery. The timer is compatible with single-pole and 3-way incandescent, fluorescent, CFL, and LED bulbs and requires no neutral wire. With robust performance and an abundance of features, the EI600 is the number one choice for in-wall timers.
$ 173.40
Part #:INMET1705C

00782751098416|0007827|00782751098416|78275109841|09841|ET1705C|INTERMAT ET1705C|Intermatic ET1705C|INTERMATIC INC ET1705C|Intermatick ET1705C|Intermatik ET1705C:
$ 558.94
Displaying: 1 - 5 of 5 Matching Items